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        rickardnobel Virtuoso

        I assume that in such a thread most people that responds has bad experiences of the product, but it is really this unstable?


        It just seems so strange for a company like Vmware to sell such a important product (backup) with this amount of problems. Is there anything said official about this? Is it likely to improve?

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          John4567 Novice

          It had better improve, I was really dissapointed.


          We went with a completely different solution to our VM backups that seems to have worked well so far, it doesn't have the convenience of being able to click an instance-in-time image of a complete server and say 'restore this', but it gets the job done.


          We found that:


          If VCenter is running on a Virtual Machine under Windows Server 2008 R2, you can't VDR it, at all.. forget about it, I think this is an acknowledged bug, workaround is to run windows backup or some other 'inside the VM' backup solution, which got us onto using ShadowProtect (heck, if it worked for the VCenter VM, why not all the others?)

          If you're running Windows Server 2008 R2 Vm's, you get seemingly random Snapshot failures by VDR.

          VDR consumes innordinate amounts of resources and is just plain slow.

          Corruption of backup repository warning and messages.

          Getting spammed with truck loads of e-mails about VDR resource usage from VCenter is just plain annoying, you also get warnings about hosts being offline or lost connectivity to hosts which is really alarming, one morning I had nearly 30+ e-mails all with 'condition red' type alerts, I spent two hours trying to see if we had some kind of critical failure in our switching, only to find it was this VDR thing screwing around


          Deleted VDR appliance, no more issues/warnings about resource utilisation, life is better


          I will however look at VDR 1.3 in a test environment, but it will be a loooooong time before I even think of putting this into production again.



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            craiggunson Novice

            To answer your first question (in my experience) ...


            VDR on CIFS datastore (unstable)

            VDR on NFS datastore (stable) 

            VDR on RDM datastore (stable)


            VDR integrity check on good datastore (stable)

            VDR integrity check on bad datastore (stable - but slow)

            ...and most importantly VDR restore, both the appliance, and vm guests (stable)


            On your second question, I personally hope so coz it solves a bunch of issues for us.

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              SylvainLanglade Novice


              Going back to this thread, I must add that after upgrading to VDR 1.2 and running the thing during one full month, I didn't notice problems anymore. Maybe I'll regret what I just said tomorrow morning ! With 1.1, there was not a single week without losing part of the backup data or seeing integrity check hanging badly.



              But the truth is that in our case, using CIFS share, we don't have problem since 1.2. Except for once, after abruptly killing the VDR appliance during an integrity check. The subsequent backup was awfully slow for some VMs. It lasted over a full day to backup those, manually monitoring and driving the process. Then all went back to normal, and staid normal since.



              So, maybe is some stability included in the 1.2 release !



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                aarondovetail Enthusiast

                I don't suppose anyone has a line on when the new version of VDR will be released? I don't really want to drop 1400$ on the Veeam essentials and then 3 days later VDR 1.3 or whatever comes out and finally works

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                  iainh667 Enthusiast

                  Another vote for "No"!


                  VMware had a number of improvments moving from v1.1 to v1.2.  It was great for me, I managed to get 100% backups for all the VMs in the environment.


                  Then for some reason the appliances crashed, nobody from the backup team was monitoring the nightly backups and I only heard about it 4 weeks later.

                  By that stage it was taking too long to run the integrity checks and I needed to start from scratch again.


                  I've needed to rebuild the vDR appliances 3 or 4 times now.  Okay, I'm prepared to admit there's a few failings onsite, but these appliances should be resistant to crashes.

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                    nathanw Enthusiast


                    Hi John,



                    I just have a few things I would love to clarify, what storage are you running? what disk underlies this? SS, FC or SATA



                    How is the disk connected to the ESX servers?



                    vCenter is not supported on 2008 R2 although some have it working this is not actually a supported configuration. If you have an out sourcer supplying you a solution that is not to specifications of VMware supported configurations I would ask why?






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                      rickardnobel Virtuoso
                      nathanw wrote:

                      vCenter is not supported on 2008 R2 although some have it working this is not actually a supported configuration.


                      It is actually supported on vCenter 4.1.

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                        nathanw Enthusiast

                        Sitting corrected I am.


                        I read an article from vmware this week stating that there was only limited support for it on 2008R2 and I was sure they were talking 4.1. my bad.

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                          GenPT Novice

                          I'm running 3 vDR instances to 3 different CIFS shares.  I logged in today to find that the Integrity Checks were failing and that all restore points are "damaged".  We'll considering implementing a daily snap on the SAN side to protect against this, but the lack of a repair function shows that this is not a "fully baked" backup solution.

                          • 40. Re: VDR 1.2 Reliability
                            aarondovetail Enthusiast

                            Switched to Veeam essentials and never looked back, VDR really is garbage in comparison. I wouldn't trust my backups with VDR

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                              craiggunson Novice

                              Move to block based datastore (either NFS or RDM/SAN datastore)...


                              We had same problem on CIFS (never worked for us).... moved to NFS based store in Oct 2010 and still stable.  (Touch wood)


                              Also make sure it's fast (1GB wont complete an integrity check in a reasonable time, 10GB will).



                              • 42. Re: VDR 1.2 Reliability
                                BrianLangstaff Lurker

                                IMHO - VDR 1.2 is not ready for production use.


                                I could detail the problems we have encountered, but they are already documented a 100 times over.

                                VMWare should never have released the VDR product.

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