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    slow virtual machines after upgrade to vsphere 4.1

    bnk Enthusiast

      We have 6 vSphere 4.1 servers that are run on dell PowerEdge 2950.

      Before we had vSphere 4.0 installed, but reinstalled all the servers, so we did not upgrade.


      After the installation of vSphere 4.1, our esx4, esx5 and esx6 servers are working perfectly. 


      When we logon a Windows virtual machines on esx1, esx2 and esx3, all vm´s are very slow, but our Linux-servers are running fine?

      If I move a windows server from, let’s say esx1 to esx5, it all works again.

      When I move it back it becomes slow again.

      Everything seems to be ok, but they are very slow


      Dows anyone knows what ì can do to fix the problem?