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    WS 7.1.4 - Unable to download VMware Tools/Update

    tr0stvik Lurker



      Sorry for creating another post about this, I see a lot of others have problem with the same, but none actually provided what I needed.

      When trying to update, it hangs on Connecting (https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds).


      I upgraded my vmware-installation (download manually), but for some reason the msi-packages with the Tools got some error during install and was never installed, now I'm missing all VMware Tools.


      When i try to visit the following url:


      I get "File not found", and I have tried this on several machines, on 3 different inet-connections, all the same.


      For some reason I am able to list:


      But when I enter the 7.1.4-folder, i get "File not found".


      So, does anyone know the reason for this, or can give me the direct link to all the tools for WS 7.1.4 ?

      I have looked everywhere on vmware.com for standalone download of the Tools.. This could have been so simple



      Thanks a bunch!