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      • 15. Re: equalogic ps4000
        tdubb123 Master

        can you look at this setup and see if its ok. I just cannot do a 1:1 mapping right now


        esxcfg-vswitch shows my setup



        Switch Name    Num Ports   Used Ports  Configured Ports  MTU     Uplinks  
        vSwitch0       64          8           64                9000    vmnic0,vmnic1,vmnic2
          PortGroup Name      VLAN ID  Used Ports  Uplinks  
          ISCSI2              0        1           vmnic1,vmnic2
          ISCSI1              0        1           vmnic1,vmnic2
          VMkernel            0        1           vmnic1,vmnic2
          Service Console     0        1           vmnic0,vmnic1,vmnic2
        • 16. Re: equalogic ps4000
          clemence Novice

          I think it's not recommended to put service console with iscsi network.

          Is it possible for you to add another NIC ? Do you plan to use vmotion too ? It would be easier to design your vswitchs with 6 nics.

          • 17. Re: equalogic ps4000
            tdubb123 Master

            any idea on how to install the equalogic mem plugin. I am reading the pdf but even the query command is asking me to provide the address of the esx server. I already have vc added to the vma so there should be no authentication issues


            perl setup.pl --query --server="-esx2.xxx.com"

            You must provide a --vihost parameter when --server is a vCenter Server.
            [vi-admin@vma EqualLogic-ESX-Multipathing-Module][vc.xxx.com]$ perl setup.pl --query --server="esx2.xxx.com"




            perl setup.pl --query --vihost=esx2.xxx.com

            You must provide the address of an ESX/ESXi host with the --server parameter.




            • 18. Re: equalogic ps4000
              tdubb123 Master

              so I moved my iscsi + mgmt from standard to dvs. question i have is is there a command line to enable jumbo frames on the dvswitch as opposed to using the gui?


              I was able to do it with esxcfg-vmknic but the dvSwitch and physical nics remains at 1500


              does this makes sense?

              • 19. Re: equalogic ps4000
                tdubb123 Master

                in case anyone had the same problem I had to run this command


                ./setup.pl --install --username=root --password=xxxx --vihost=esxserver.xxx.com --server esxserver.xxx.com


                had to use vihost and server

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