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    Idle, Logoff, and disconnect settings

    caryers Enthusiast

      We are in the process of starting a 100 user VDI pilot to replace our existing Citrix Portal environment that uses the Citrix Access Gateway(CAGs) appliance. I need to match the idle, logoff, and disconnect settings in my VDI POC that are very similar to our Citrix portal for ease of transitioning.


      * I do not see any IDLE sittings within VDI. Do IDLE settings exist in VDI? I do see the "disconnect settings" that are located on the media pool level.


      * I do see the global "Session Timeout" that Determines how long a user can keep a session open after logging in to View Connection Server. This is an all or nothing settings.


      * I do see the "Automatic logoff after disconnect" setting located at the Media Pool level as well. 


      What exactly does the setting "Allow user to perfrom a reset" mean? I don't believe it means Restarting the OS at the VM level, correct?


      Please advise... Thanks,