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    Mapping the dvuplink names to vmnics (in advance)

    thomps01 Hot Shot

      I have 1 distributed switch with 12 dvuplinks on it.


      Although when planning my deployment I created a nice design to say port group1 should contain vmnic1 + vmnic3, when you look at port group 1 it actually shows dvuplinks which don't always match the numbering of the vmnics.

      For example, I added vmnic1 and vmnic3 to my dvswitch and they show as dvuplink 1 and dvuplink 2. I then add vmnic2 to the switch and it shows as dvuplink3.


      Is there an easy way to understand which dvuplink names will be assigned to which vmnics in advance?


      I guess if I added all 12 vmnics at the same time it would match them up, but I can't be sure.


      I noticed you can edit the dvuplink port name, do people do this to make more sense?


      Is it possible to edit the order and align them as desired?

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          esxinsfla Novice



          i mightve not understood your question correctly..but once the host is joined into the dvswitch you can manage what dvuplink a vmnic is attached to by going to Configuration>Networking and clicking Manage Physical Adapters.


          From there you can attach/detach vmnics to the dvUplink you need.


          ps. Yes, I've found that if i add a host with 8 pnics to my dvS of 8 uplinks it will matchup the vmnics with dvuplinnks( ie vmnic0>dvuplink1, vmnic1>dvuplink2). And yes, its confusing that vmnics start at '0' and uplinks start at '1'