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    Difficulties in getting non-persistant linked clones to work

    golddiggie Virtuoso

      We're working on getting View up and running using non-persistent linked clones.  Right now, the only way we can get additional software installed is via some existing scripts, that run post image process (work for the persistent drive clients). But, once we get the View clients spun up in the NPLC pool, they have an error in the View Administrator interface/web site. Odd thing is, if we toggle them through maintenance mode, the error goes away and we can connect to those systems. We have also tried rebooting the VM's/View instances and that seems to give the same result (it goes good)... While it's in an error state, we cannot launch/connect to the instance.


      I would post the error message, exactly, but we've already toggled the clones so they're happy. We should be doing this all again shortly, so I'll be sure to capture the error message and post it up then (or take a screen shot so that there's no confusion about what it says)...


      Not sure if this matters, but we are running View 4.5 currently. We have Events Monitoring enabled, so if that info would help, let me know what's needed. I do see some errors in the list, for about the correct time range. Not sure if this is an issue that would go away with the current release of View, but it's something we're thinking about. But, it's not that easy for us to schedule the entire update process. Basically, we have people connecting up into the system during the work day, which can run rather late for some of these people. Since part of the configuration also lives on the vCenter Server, we would need to schedule this for an off-hours process.


      We are testing the LiquidWare Labs Profile Unity software too. But that shouldn't matter. Especially since things work fine when not going with NPLC.


      We do have VMware coming out tomorrow, so we'll be showing them exactly what is going on for this issue. I'm hoping that they'll see it and know (immediately) how to fix it. But, if anyone has ideas about a resolution, post them up.