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    Per-VM licensing: exempt VMs?

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      Hi there,


      I'm sure it's common to have test machines on vCenter that do not require any special management or reporting, let alone capacity planning.

      But as far as I can see, Capacity IQ will force me to buy a license for them, even if I don't care about the metrics for them.

      So, is it possible to exempt this VMs from Capacity IQ? Can I at least exempt hosts or clusters from Capacity IQ?



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          SriramSeshadri Lurker



          Partial licensing feature is not supported as of now in CIQ.



          -Sriram Seshadri

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            monicas Novice
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            Just to clarify:
            VMware highly recommends customers to benefit from CapacityIQ's  analysis  for their entire vSphere environment. 
            As a result, CapacityIQ is always enabled for all VMs in the vCenter instance to analyze, optimize and forecast capacity for the use of the virtual infrastructure. Regarding licensing, customers can still license CapacityIQ for a subset of their virtual environment today, although there is no way to indicate that in the product currently. We expect customers to use the product in compliance to the licensing terms.


            1.        Is it possible to license CapacityIQ for a subset of my vCenter inventory?
            E.g. You can apply and use, say, a 50 VM license of CapacityIQ for your 2 production clusters, even if your vCenter inventory has 200 VMs.

            2.        Will I be out of compliance if I am using CapacityIQ with a 50 VM license against a 200 VM vCenter  inventory?
            No, as long as you are truly using CapacityIQ analysis for the count of VMs it is licensed for.

            3.        Is there a way in the CapacityIQ product today to select for analysis or report license usage on a specific subset of clusters or VMs?
            vCenter License Reporting Manager will show the total VM license capacity and the assigned license VM count of all VMs in the associated vCenter.

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              none95 Enthusiast

              Do you think that can be reflected on the EULA?

              Also, would it be possible to remove some roles/permissions from the Capacity IQ vCenter user to trully enforce it to not manage a VM?

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                jddias Expert
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                The priviledge for CapacityIQ can be found under Global/CapacityIQ - see screen shot below....



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                  Thanks for your suggestion.


                  But, as far as I know, that allows me only to block users from seeing the Capacity IQ data, but the CapacityIQ server still processes the performance data from all machines and reflects that on the average license count on vCenter.