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    MAC address OUI confusion

    Vodder Hot Shot



      I always thought that MAC addresses assigned by ESX were of the format 00:50:56:XX:XX:XX and still is as confirmed here




      However when trying to hunt down some particular weird happenings on a DC; whilst in the ARP cache I noticed a lot of 00:0c:29:XX:XX:XX addresses. By chance I then noticed these were linked to a group VM's on a stand alone host.


      These haven't been manually changed and I was expecting 00:50:56:XX:XX:XX. Googling around I found nothing direct from VMware on this, however I did find a blog that stated the 00:0c:29:XX:XX:XX range is used when a VM is created directly on an ESXi host. Is this true? These VM's were not created directly on any host however they were manually added to the inventory of the standalone host - would this cause this?


      In addition the blog also mentioned the OUI 00:05:69 as potentially being used by VMware.


      Can any clarify this please?