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    VDI 4.6 PCoIP Access on tablets or slates

    caryers Enthusiast

      We just got our VDI 4.6 POC off the ground for internal AND remote access. For the most part it works great. Still warming up to VDI. We are testing out some tablets and new HP slates. Both of these devices use the virtual keyboard. We can connect both devices to our VDI environment with RDP successfully. The virtual keyboard works fine. However, when we select PCoIP, we can not pass characters to the VDI VMs. A small beep is generated when ever we hit a character on the virtual KB. This is definitely not hardware related. More like a certain driver needs to be installed on the VDI VMs.

      Not sure! Has anyone run across this issue with tablets or other portables devices that use the virtual KB??? Thanks in advance...