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    VMware Studio Support for FreeBSD / How to make a FreeBSD Virtual Appliance?

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      I'm about to embark on packaging a VM using FreeBSD, I know this Linux OS distribution isn't listed on VMware studio, but I wanted to ask the following questions: -


      1. Is it possible to add FreeBSD as a custom profile for packaging, has anyone done this and can you pass on your experiences good or bad?
      2. Also has anyone got as far as including the application installation for a VM using FreeBSD, I know this is in TAR format which is supported, again has anyone done this and can you pass on your experiences?
      3. Finally, I see with the latest version of Studio you can take an already created VM and conver this into a Virtual Appliance.  Again, has anyone tried this with FreeBSD and if so how did it go?


      Would really appreciate some feedback on the above questions.  If FreeBSD (supported guest OS from VMware) isn't compatible with Studio, what other options are there for packaging?  I'm keen for the VAMI integration for web based management and updates, are there any other options?


      I've browsed the Virtual Appliance Marketplace and found FreeBSD available for download so there are options...


      Look forward to your response, thanks in advance.