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      • 15. Re: Force resolution of Windows 7
        WoodyZ Guru

        I understand setRes will help, but question is when and why it doens't inherit the Mac's native resolution.


        Not that I'm offering however without direct access to your system to examine things I can't say however have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling, not modify/repair, VMware Tools and or uninstalling/reinstalling VMware Fusion to see if that corrects the issue?  If not I have noting else to discuss.


        So if I run setRes, it will have to be called once every minute to be safe, this doesn't sound like a safe solution to me since I think it will cause other issues.


        Why would you need to run it ever minute or so?  Why don't you even try it?


        I guess this is all just a case of contempt prior to investigation, a trait I dislike!


        Until you have tried my suggestions I have nothing else to offer!

        • 16. Re: Force resolution of Windows 7
          dav0101 Novice



          Im using setres now via a bat-file that resides in Autostart.


          works good during a reboot.


          question still remains why vmware or windows7 sometimes decides to change the resolution after being up for a few days.

          maybe something related to sleep




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