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    Datastore name has a (1) at the end of it

    kurtwest Enthusiast

      I added a datastore yesterday to two hosts that I am about to add to a cluster. Today I noticed there is a (1) at the end of the datastore name that I added yesterday. I tried to rename the datastore, but I get an error that the name already exsists. The datastore was not on these hosts prior to me adding them yesterday. I have looked at the host through VC, the VI client directly to the host and from the command line and I don't see the datastore without the (1). This is a NFS datastore and I have 2 datastores total on the host. Any idea where I can find this hidden datastore so I can remove the reference to it and rename my datastore to the name I need.


      ESX 3.5.0 build 64607, VC 2.5.0 Build 64192

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          did you check the datastore tab (CtrlShftD)



          The (1) normally is used because you want to create a datastore wich allready exists or ESX thinks this datastore still exists. you can try rescan the storage on both esx hosts (storage adapters section) and than have a look in the datastore section.



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            kurtwest Enthusiast

            Okay that was easy enough. I never look at the Datastores section on VC. I was just looking at the host storage tab. Thanks a lot. I see my problem is I have hosts on this VC pointing to the same NFS mount using different IPs and that is why it is not using the same name for new NFS mount that same datastore. It is assuming these are differnt datastores even though the datastores are the same. I am assuming this will also cause me problems trying to VMotion between hosts if I tried to use it like this. I guess I will be requesting some new IPs for these hosts. Thanks for the quick response.

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              Thanks. So obvious, but sometimes you just get stuck on the basic stuff