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    Connection Server and Composer in one domain, View Desktops in another

    manfriday Hot Shot



      I have set up a pilot cluster here at my workplace.


      Initially I had the Connection server in the "primary" domain. I got composer working, and set up a small cluster of linked clones.


      Then the security guys caught wind of this, and said "Hey, you are passing usernames and passwords over HTTPS. That is against our security policy here."


      So, to get around this issue, I had to put the connection server in a service domain, separate from the view workstations.

      This of course, killed the singe signon capability, but I guess that can't be avoided.


      The issue is that now when I go to create a new link-clone cluster I get the following error:


      "There was an error while trying to determine domains. errorcode = 3,0000"


      I have double checked the credential composer is using, ensuring that it is a member of the "primary" domain and that the password is correct.



      Is what I am trying to do just not possible?