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    Install ESXi 4.1 on HP 6550b Laptop

    DonChino Enthusiast

      Well, I do not really need help but I figured I would throw this up in case someone else was wondering, so if you find my information useful then find a way to give me points or something, hahahaha...


      Anyway, I had VMware ESXi 4.1 running a DELL D830 with 8GB for like 2 years now, but today I decided to try my luck with an HP 6550b that I got my hands on. I was actually going to sell it off but I popped on the ESXi 4.1 USB drive and it booted without so much as a hiccup so now I have decided to upgrade my Home Infrastructure server to an HP although it was not planned and just happened to work, but I like the i5 CPU with 8GB while the former was a Dual Core 2 Duo.


      Not a HUGE jump but better memory and more peripherals although a waste to use it for a vSphere server but I am working on an HP Envy 17 so I am not complaining and I have to keep testing stuff on VMs so this comes in handy. Oh well, I hope someone finds this useful if they are looking to recycle laptops as DEV or TEST environments...



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          AlbertWT Master

          Wow, glad to hear that you can utilize this laptop as the ESXi host :-)

          may I know which feature of the ESXi that is not working or any difficulties in configuring it as ESXi server ?

          eg. no 64 bit VM support or something else ?


          thanks for your willingness to share here mate !

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            DonChino Enthusiast

            Dude, I am saying it works 100%.


            That means OUT OF THE BOX. No tweaking, no modifications. I took my ESXi USB drive and swapped from DELL D830 to HP 6550b without doing anything, so it can't be any easier than that, right? Plus, everything is a 64 bit CPU now, but I am running on an i5 so just have to turn ON Virtualization Technology in the BIOS which was no diferent than the D830 which is already like 2-3 years old. So no complaints here and I am running 32 and 64 but Windows and Linux machines since I have to build out test machines for work and other projects I am trying to build at home.
            Good Luck with your projects. I wish I could get points but all these POINT SYSTEMS work on answering questions and not people "paying" you for answers you give with NO QUESTION...
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              AlbertWT Master

              yes, that is true, this forum is unlike Symantec forum where you can get points and then you can redeem it with Amazon $15 coupon.


              but thanks for the report and sharing spirit here mate, I appreciate it.