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    esxi 4.1 inside VMware workstation 7 - not saving config or anything!

    masloff Novice



      I downloaded esxi 4.1 hypervisor, and installed it inside VMware workstation 7, gave it 2 core, 2Gb RAM, 40GB HDD - everything seemed OK. I`m seeing it in vCenter, gave it a license.


      Sounds easy, right?


      Yes, everything works until you reboot the esxi host. Then it looses all config I need - IP, license key! How comes?! When I`m ssh`ing inside esxi host, i can see that FS is r/w, i can touch files in /var, and in general everything seems ok.Haven`t tried though to put some random file inside and look will is still exist after reboot.




      - how can virtual esxi host lose all config?

      - what file inside esxi hosts IP/DNS config? usual linux-style /etc/resolv.conf & /etc/hostname ?

      - what file inside esxi hosts the license key?