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        iaindb Novice

        Ulli Hankeln wrote:

        You may try the tool "aefdisk" - google it - that tool is able to fix some types of similar errors

        thanks, I'll check it out!

        the partitiontable may list the partitions not in the same way as as they appear on disk and VMware  does not like that

        that _was_ the case, but I fixed that before making this post.

        when using Linux guests using "fullDevice" is not as  dangerous as with XP for example - make sure you disable all "automount" features your linux may have

        yes, the other day I had the partition mounted, and started VMware at the same time.  Luckily I realised and unmounted and shut it down before doing much.  I had to run fdisk a few times and lost a few files into lost+found, but I think it's good now!


        I'll check out aefdisk and hopefully that's the end of it!

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          continuum Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          Hmm - aefdisk will not help if you already sorted the partitions as they appear on disk

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            iaindb Novice

            lol - I just downloaded it and tried to boot it!  I couldn't get it to work of a usb stick anyway, looks like some character encoding problem or something.  I just need a dos style fdisk that will "fix" my partition table without having to delete and re-create it... well I've done my backups so maybe deleting it isn't a bad thing... That's a job for next week!

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              continuum Guru
              Community WarriorsvExpert

              you will find dos-boot-floppies with fdisk en masse if you google for it


              if you use one of them as the boot-image for a CD ...

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