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    winni Lurker


      I installed ESXi 4.0.1 on an Fujitsu-Server  with an INTEL 4 port Networkcard.

      ESX cannot find the card until I update the Server with the ISO-packaga vmware-esx-drivers-net-igb_400.

      Therefor I need VMa - I also installed Vma but the Problem is :

      I only have one Host. To install over vihostupdate the package, the server must be in maintenance-mode. But when it is in maintenance-mode i have no chance to install?

      Is it possible to install the card-drivers direct on the host's console?


      Can somebody help me?

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          AJ Master

          even when the server is in the maintenance mode, you should be able to install the same.

          give it a try.

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            winni Lurker

            sorry, but when he host is in maintenance-mode there is no possibility to run the vihostupdate command.

            I have do the following steps:

            starting VMa

            login as vi-admin

            vifptarget -s <myhost>

            start vihostupdate with the zip-file as parameter

            Then it will show me the message "Host must be in maintenance-mode"


            When I switch to the maintenance-mode there comes a message (in my case in German) that there is one VM-Machine startet and the maintenance-mode

            is forced when this machine is down.


            I think I do something wrong?


            Can you tell me the steps i have to do?


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              winni Lurker

              o.k. install VMsa on a standalone Machine