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    VMWare Tools seems to lock 75%+ of available memory

    GREnvoy Enthusiast


      I am running ESXi 4.1.0.  I have a number of 2k8 R2 machines running on this server.






      What I've noticed is that some, not all VMs are using 75%-95% of the available memory.  When I look at the processes running, it's very minimal with nothing really using anywhere near that much memory.  I used  RamMap to try to try to see who was the hidden culprit.  RamMap showed that "Driver Locked" was using 4-5GB of memory.  (As shown here in another site thread)






      Upon further research, I found some people said this was related to VMWare Tools.  Sure enough, as soon as I uninstalled VMWare Tools from the VM the memory went to where I would expect, and "Driver Locked" went to almost nothing, and eventually disappeared. 



      I installed VMWare tools with an upgrade when I converted the VM.  Of the maybe 12 VMs I think 3-4 are experienceing this.






      Anyone have any thoughts?