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    Issues of run 64 bit Mac OS X Server with Fusion 3.1.2

    zhiyuanzhou Novice

      My  IMAC processor is 2.53 GHz Intel Core i5, and I'm using Fusion 3.1.2 on mac OS X 10.6.54 host OS,  I can run Win 7 64 bit guest OS and Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 (32 bit)well, but can not run  Mac OS X server 10.6.2 guest OS (64 bit).  When I try to start Mac OS X Server 10.6.2 virtual machine, it always report "the cpu has been disabled by the guest operating system".


      I can run Mac OS X server 10.6.2 virtual machine on IMAC with processor Intel Core 2 Duo


      I can only find the processor check tool for windows and linux , but didn't find Mac version. So is this the problem with hardware or guest OS ?  Why I can run windows 64 bit guest os, but can not run Mac 64 bit guest os ?