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    P2V windows with large stoage LUN

    rManic Expert

      I have physical machine with 300GB LUN assigned as D:\

      I planned to P2V this machine.

      Which is the best option

      either migrate d:\ as  vmdk ?or mapping the d:\ as RDM after virtualize the machine?.


      it is not a clusted server.

      It don't have any reason to keep this drive as RDM or convert into vmdk.


      my only concern is size (300GB).

      I am using 1TB datastors in my virtual infrastructure.


      your suggestion will be appriciated.



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          conyards Master

          It depends on you drivers, if speed is of the essence then your best bet is to present it as an RDM.


          If you have a little time before you need to migrate it you could look at setting up a VM with a 300GB VMDK attached to it, then utilising a tool such as robocopy to move the data ahead of any P2V operation, after the P2V you can then attach the VMDK with the migrated data.


          Hope this helps.



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            kjb007 Guru

            The performance benefit between an RDM and a single vmdk datastore is negligible.  There are IO patterns that may favor one over the other, but the benefit is minimal.


            In the case here, to turn that 300 GB lun into a datastore would require migration of data when you do the P2V, vs leaving as an RDM, and only migrating the system drive.



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              rManic Expert

              Thanks for your response

              for me it is ok migrate it into vmdk.and migration time is also ok.


              I never experianced the vmdk corruption in my past 4 years experinace.have any one faced the issue like vmdk got corrupted etc..?




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                bulletprooffool Virtuoso

                There are no problems with converting this size of disk - I have converted many, much larger machines and though the process takes longer, the end result is the same. I would make sure to limit the services running on the physical host during migration to limit the number of changes made, but a normal P2V will not be a problem in this instance.


                I have migrated hundres of servers from Physical to Virtual and have never coorrupted a physical server's disk. Only in one instance did a completed P2V's disk have issues, and I simply re-ran the P2V more carefully and there were no problems.


                Good luck.

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                  AndreTheGiant Guru

                  A vmdk can get "corrupted" only in some cases with a lot of snapshots.

                  But usually no problems


                  About vmdk vs RDM see also: