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    vCenter Orchestrator - VMware's sleeper cell?

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      Hey Guys!


      What's your opinion/experience about the vCenter Orchestrator?


      It seems to be VMware's sleeper cell:

      - There is one in every vCenter-enviro nment

      - everybody knows that that is something, but...

      - only a view people really understand

      - the ones who already use it, don't talk much about it

      - it might be scaring if it wakes up

      - it's almost allmighty if its active


      There are signs for an increase of importance of vCO:

      - the just published vCD-plugin

      - it's in the VCAP-DCA blueprint

      - there were some demos from 3rd-party-vendors (Cisco UCS, Netapp)

      - rumors


      On the other hand:

      - no "marketing" activity

      - no real getting-started guide / workshop / training / consulting offer

      - just a small community


      So, what do you think?