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    Let me introduce myself....

    Hot Shot

      My name is Graham Daly and I have been working in VMware since October 2006, at which point I was still only 19 years old. I am based in our EMEA Support Center which is located in Cork, Ireland. I started off my VMware career within our Licensing Support teams where I covered a wide range of licensing related issues, both from the Accounts and Administration side of things and also from the more technical-in-nature side.


      I then moved into the main Technical Support area where I supported a large and varied range of VMware's product portfolio, everything from the flagship products of ESX and vCenter Server, right over to some really cool products such as Lab Manager, Converter, Capacity Planner, and last but not least our Desktop focused products such as Workstation, VMware Server, Ace, ThinApp and VMware View.


      After a few years on the "Front-Lines" of Technical Support, I started working more closely with our Knowledge Management team who looks after the VMware Knowledge Base, various blogs and other activities within the social media space.


      More recently, I transitioned over into the Knowledge Management team on a full-time basis where I now have the title "Multimedia Specialist". Essentially I research into and work with the various different forms of media on which we (The Knowledge Management team) can deliver the knowledge and information relating to our products out to the general public.


      We have a channel on YouTube called "VMware KB TV" which can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/user/VMwareKB and this channel is dedicated to providing our external users with as much technical information and insight concerning our products. Here you will find great videos ranging from "How To and Training" style videos, to "Solution-Specific" style videos and "Tech Talk" videos.


      One of my main points of focus at this moment in time is updating, growing and managing our KBTV channel.


      I am always on the lookout for new ideas and topics to produce and have uploaded on KBTV, so please feel free to contact me if you have any great ideas!