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    Live port moving

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      I have some dvportgroups on a dvswitch and I want to enable live port moving like describes in the ESX4.1 configuration guide. The only problem is that the option is not there. Can you please help?


      Edit Advanced dvPort Group Properties
      Use the dvPort Group Properties dialog box to configure advanced dvPort group properties such as port
      override settings.
      1 In the vSphere Client, display the Networking inventory view and select the dvPort group.
      2 From the Inventory menu, select Network > Edit Settings.
      3 Select Advanced to edit the dvPort group properties.
      a Select Allow override of port policies to allow dvPort group policies to be overridden on a per-port
      b Click Edit Override Settings to select which policies can be overridden.
      c Choose whether to allow live port moving. ???
      d Select Configure reset at disconnect to discard per-port configurations when a dvPort is disconnected
      from a virtual