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    Increasing vCPU's on Oracle DB server

    NCLSInfoTech Novice

      My company has an application that currently runs on a physical Solaris 10/SPARC server with ISAM databases.   We want to move to a RHEL 5/Oracle VM.   The application vendor says that the virtual machine requires the same amount of RAM and same number of CPU's (4) as a physical server, which seems like overkill.


      My first question is can the number of vCPU's be increased on the VM after installation if I find I need more CPU resources without having any ill effects on the VM and Oracle in particular ( I was thinking of starting with 2 vCPU's and working up if needed)?


      Second question - the # cores/socket setting - for 2 vCPU's is there any benefit in setting 2 cores/socket rather than 1 (host has 2 quad-core CPU).   If I understand what I've read correctly, that really only helps when the # of available cores exceeds the hard limit of CPU's in an OS.


      Thank you for your help.