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    vSphere + PowerConnect 62xx + EQL

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      we have a cluster of eql's which all give errors on the ETH1.

      The EQL's are connected to a series of dell servers with intel nic's through a stack of PC62xx dell switches.

      The vSphere hosts are configured with the setup script of EQL in combination with their mpio module.


      The switches are on firmware version

      The eql`s are on firmware version 5.0.2

      vSphere is version 4.1 update 1


      There are some vm`s which also have a connection to the san through the ms iscsi initiator


      On the dell switches flow control is enabled aswell as jumbo frames.


      Dell already exchanged some of the switches but that didnt help.

      All cables have recently changed.


      I have no idea where to go with this.

      Somebody gave me the tip to look at flow control on the esx hosts and within the vm`s

      Now i know where to find it within the vm for flow control but have no idea if that can be configured on virtual switches..





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