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    View Client USB Redirect

    mwynne Novice

      I have been trying to get my view clients to force the auto connect of USB devices and have had little success using the methods I have found.


      Our original set up has the client launching with the shade (Top toolbar) enabled, which includes a dropdown list for USB. We had the “Autoconnect USB” checked as a default simply by selecting it, which it appeared to keep after running that way once. We have run into issues with this for a couple of reasons:


      The “autoconnect” sometimes gets unchecked, which forces the user to go to the menu and select their USB drive after they plug it in. While this seems like a trivial thing, it is problematic for us because of the fact that we service a large population of ESL users that are working hard just to learn the technology and this just imposes another hurdle for them. We would also like to have the option of disabling the shade, so that the user does not have the ability to minimize or close the View Client window, but can’t do that because the USB autoconnect is inconsistent.


      I have done a considerable amount of research on this issue and have found 2 methods that are supposed to remedy the issue. The first is via the command line options of the wswc.exe which include “ConnectUSBOnInsert, ConnectUSBOnStartup, and unattended (which is supposed to set both). There is also a Group Policy template that includes workstation policies that appear to force these same options. We deployed this template in active directory and applied those settings to the workstations. Both of these methods have failed to accomplish what we need. They both seem to remove the “Autoconnect USB” option from the toolbar, and the USB device appears in the menu when you plug it in, but the user still has to go there and select the USB device before the actual redirect happens.


      I have considered trying to set the client to kiosk mode, too, but everything I’ve read on that makes it sound like it relies on these same commands to force the USB redirect.


      Anyone have any luck with this? Or have any suggestions for me?

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          harrymsg Novice

          Having the exact same issue.  Haven't been able to nail it down either.  This poses a real issue for us if this can't get resolved as we have USB scanners up at our front desk registration areas.

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            mwynne Novice

            I actually did a support call on this and they determined it is a bug. I had someone else telling me that also, and that it is being addressed in the next update of the client.I don't really have any solid confirmation on that though.


            It would be nice if someone from VMWare would pipe in on this thread and let us know that, too.