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    vCenter 4.1 new install - Server service account wrong?!

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      Installing vCenter 4.1 on a brand new just patched 2008 R2 Enterprise guest. The guest is joined to the domain. As per the manual and best practice I have created a dedicated vCenter user account in Active Directory. This account has been added to the local administrator group of the vcenter server and I have given it the following rights on the vCenter server:


      Act as part of the operating system

      Log on as a service


      I have then logged in with this account and gone to install vCenter server. I select the option to install a local SQL 2005 Express instance. It then prompts me to use the SYSTEM Account or specifiy my own. As I have a dedicated account and it is best practice I opt to do this. The account name is prepopulated and greyed out with just the name of the account, with no domain information. If I then go to enter the password I get the error:


      Failed to verify the service account. Error code: [87] : Error message: [The parameter is incorrect.]


      I believe this is happening because the account name has no domain info in it, but I am unable to change it (So currently it says <account name> instead of <domain>\<account name>. I have found no kb article from VMware, and also I cannot believe I am the first to see this error?