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    ThinApp Converter and VIX

    pauljawood Enthusiast
      I have an issue using the new version of ThinApp 4.6. The issue I'm getting is related to using converter and I thought from reading up that if the latest version of the VIX was installed it would be used.
      I have installed 1.10 and the inbuilt version is 1.8. I think 1.8 has an issue with vSphere 4.1 as the error I get back is 3006. This relates to the VIX not being able to see that he virtual machine has been powered on.
      The convert starts (machine is powered off) and takes a snap. It then powers the machine off and after about 5 mins comes back with the 3006 error in the log file.
      Everything else connects and seems to be working but I just get the 3006 error and it states that it is using the 1.8 VIX and not the latest version that I have installed.
      Has anyone else seen this whilst running vSphere 4.1 and ThinApp 4.6. or is this a known issue that I cannot find information on.
      I plan on trying the same through workstation tomorrow to confirm that it is related to VIX 1.8 and vSphere 4,1.