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    Previous snapshot found

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      Just wondering if the "previous snapshot found" prevention check of backup can be disabled or would that cause script issues?  I don't understand/know the reason of the check but I'm sure you have one.  Anyway...if I can disable "my funeral"...what line do I comment out?


      I have about 3 VM's that I'd like to keep the original snapshot of...but would love to also backup with ghettoVCBg2. 

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          The reason for the snapshot check is that snapshots in general should not be kept around for long durations, they're generaly miss-used and can cause more issues in an environment. Since we're performing a backup, I want to ensure we're coming from a good state and not from some child snapshot which may not be what you want backed up.


          I don't believe there's anything in the script that would cause an error if you can get past the snapshot check, but I've not verified. If you decide you want to comment out the snapshot check, this will of course not be supported and you'll be doing at your own risk.


          The checks starts on line 538 and you'll want to come from 538-541 and also on 702 and that should remove that if statement check for snapshots.

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            Awesome!  The VM's with snapshots are mainly for testing anyway, we try not to keep snapshots lingering.  Thanks again.