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    Best way to share slow storage via VM?

    taylorb Expert

      I have a couple od cheap and kinda slow NAS boxes I need to share the data from.  These run 4x7200RPM SATA drives in a RAID 5 on non-redundant power.  The direct sharing NAS feature is not providing the security I need, so I want to put them behind a real OS.  Now my question is about squeaking the closest thing to native performance out of these guys.  I can run them NFS or ISCSI.  Should I create an NFS or ISCSI datastore on each of them and create a virtual disk on that datastore?  Or should I just build a small Windows VM on fast storage and connect direct ISCSI back to the NAS boxes.   Does that make sense?  So do I mount the NAS boxes in ESX or inside the WIndows VM for best perf and reliability?