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        jt335577 Novice

        Jim Mattson wrote:


        jt335577 wrote:


        I was taken in by the fact that the Q8400 has VT support - apparently that's not enough to support hardware virtualization.


        Hardware virtualization is supported on the Q8400.  However, it sounds like your CPU is reporting that it does not have VT support.  This sounds like Intel erratum AV69, which does affect the Q8400.  This erratum can be fixed with a microcode update.  Check with your system vendor to see if there is a BIOS update available which may contain the necessary microcode update.


        Sigh.  Intel motherboard DG31PR with the latest BIOS.  I guess I'll have to take this one to Intel.



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          If you post your complete vmware.log file, I can take a look to see if this is erratum AV69.

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            Your log file shows the following information for CPUID leaf 1:


            CPUID[0] level 00000001, 0: 0x0001067a 0x00040800 0x00000301 0xbfebfbff


            The problem is that the third field (ecx) reports an extremely limited set of features:

            0x00000301 decodes as only SSE3, TM2 and SSSE3.  It does not include VT (VMX) support, which would be bit 5.


            For this processor, the third field should read something like 0x000ce3bd.


            This is exactly the symptom one would expect from erratum AV69.


            From Intel's processor specification update:


            AV69. Enabling PECI via the PECI_CTL MSR Does Not Enable PECI and May Corrupt the CPUID Feature Flags


            Problem: Writing PECI_CTL MSR (Platform Environment Control Interface Control Register) will not update the PECI_CTL MSR (5A0H), instead it will write to the VMM Feature Flag Mask MSR (CPUID_FEATURE_MASK1, 478H).

            Implication: Due to this erratum, PECI (Platform Environment Control Interface) will not be enabled as expected by the software. In addition, due to this erratum, processor features reported in ECX following execution of leaf 1 of CPUID (EAX=1) may be masked. Software utilizing CPUID leaf 1 to verify processor capabilities may not work as intended.

            Workaround: It is possible for the BIOS to contain a workaround for this erratum. Do not initialize PECI before processor update is loaded. Also, load processor update as soon as possible after RESET as documented in the RS – Wolfdale Processor Family Bios Writers Guide, Section 14.8.3 Bootstrap Processor Initialization Requirements.

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              jt335577 Novice

              I got fed up and went to Intel on this one.  One of their second level people finally gave me the suggestion that I should again flash the BIOS update, but use the method for full bios refresh, rather than the windows-based update process.  I suspect that the microcode fix referred to in AV69 is in a part of the bios core that is not updated unless you do the full refresh.


              At any rate, the VMWare cpu id tool gives me a good answer, and I am now able to power on the OS2 guest; unfortunately, I am still hung up on the console issue (my other topic in this community).

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                jt335577 Novice

                No new input on this thread.  I now have VMWare Workstation, but not the time to  go back and try the OS2 guest install there.  Stay tuned. OS/2 (in the form of eCS 2.0 or 2.1) is supported by VMW, so cross your fingers!

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