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    V2V powered on VM

    ajesha008 Novice

      I wanted to V2V a Production VM across geographical region.


      So I'm planning to to to do a conversion of a powered on VM using VMware converter and anticipating this will take approx 50 Hrs , but my worries are


      1. How the performance of the production VM is impacted during this V2V process.


      2. What happend to the changes happened during the V2V process to the original VM? I've read somewhere that if you do a V2V again of the same machine this will copy only the changes during the convertion is that right ?


      Any help will be highly appreciated




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          idle-jam Champion

          You will also need to take care of the latency between both sites and also when you have V2V the accessibility of the VM in the second location.


          you can try to do it and with converter there is an option for sync. alternatively there are tools like platespin migrate which does a very good job in resume

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            Cyberfed27 Hot Shot

            50 hours is a long time...a small network interruption will screw this up.

            I would highly consider just shutting the VM down and doing an offline copy of it and move it to your 2nd location.