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    Stop and Start VM to remote command line

    ii00907 Enthusiast

      Hi to all,

      i have necessity to scripting start and stop VM.


      I have tested vmware-cmd ( vSphere CLI on Red HAT ) but is not possible connect to a Virtual Center but Only to ESX HOST.


      There're method for connect to Virtual Center and run stop and start VM?


      Thanks for your help





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          lamw Guru
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          vCLI's vmware-cmd has the option to connect to either an ESX(i) or vCenter host.


          Please take a look at the vCLI documentation for more details. You can also just type -h or --help to get a list of available options:


          vmware-cmd -h
             Usage: vmware-cmd <options> <vm-cfg-path> <vm-action> <arguments>
                    vmware-cmd -s <options> <server-action> <arguments>


                 Connection Options:
                    -H or --server <host>            specifies an ESX host or a Virtual Ce                                                                                                                               nter
                    -h or --vihost <target host>     specifies a target host if host is a                                                                                                                                virtual center
                    -O <port>                        specifies an alternative port
                    -Q <protocol>                    specifies an alternative protocol
                    -U or --username <username>      specifies a username
                    -P or --password <password>      specifies a password
                    --sessionfile                    specifies a sessionfile path
                    --passthroughauth                specifies a login by sspi option
                    --credstore                      specifies to fetch Credential store i                                                                                                                               nformation
                    --encoding                       specifies encoding option
                 General Options:
                    -h More detailed help.
                    -q Quiet. Minimal output
                    -v Verbose.


               Server Operations:
                 vmware-cmd -l
                 vmware-cmd -s register <config_file_path> <datacenter> <resource pool>
                 vmware-cmd -s unregister <config_file_path>


               VM Operations:
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> getstate
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> start <powerop_mode>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> stop <powerop_mode>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> reset <powerop_mode>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> suspend <powerop_mode>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> setguestinfo <variable> <value>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> getguestinfo <variable>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> getproductinfo <prodinfo>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> connectdevice <device_name>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> disconnectdevice <device_name>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> getconfigfile
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> getuptime
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> answer
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> gettoolslastactive
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> hassnapshot
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> createsnapshot <name> <description> <quiesce> <memory>
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> revertsnapshot
                 vmware-cmd <cfg> removesnapshots

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            ii00907 Enthusiast

            Sorry William,

            is true.