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    Need help with datastore script

    peter79 Enthusiast



      I currently have a script that looks for all datatstores that contain C1 and outputs the m to a csv file


      Get-Datastore *C1*| Select-Object name, FreeSpaceMB, CapacityMB | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation c:\myDaterstoreInfo.csv


      The only problem is I would like to convert the free spcace and capacity measurements into GB.  I know there is a way I can do the conversion within the script but I forget how.  Could someone help me out?



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          mattboren Master

          Greetings, @peter79-


          To do so you can change the "Select-Object" portion of the pipeline to used calculated properties as such:

          Select-Object Name,@{n="FreeSpaceGB"; e={$_.FreeSpaceMB / 1kb}},@{n="CapacityGB"; e={$_.CapacityMB / 1kb}}



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            mattboren Master

            ...or, if you want to round those values a bit instead of having lots of decimal places, you can use the string formatting operator like:

            Select-Object Name,@{n="FreeSpaceGB"; e={"{0:n1}" -f ($_.FreeSpaceMB / 1kb)}},@{n="CapacityGB"; e={"{0:n1}" -f ($_.CapacityMB / 1kb)}}


            Depends on the precision you desire, of course.