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    ESX 4.1 setup

    jondonnis Novice

      New to ESX and just installed it on a HP 7900.  Had a 2TB HDD inside.  As I'm new and not sure what I'm doing I just told it to install and all seems fine.


      I also have a 500GB USB HDD plugged into this machine.  How would I connect to that HDD?


      Also I have some VMs already in VMWare 7.1 (I've already converted a two OK so far).  However, I've come stuck with one of them.  Originally I had setup this VM with a 500GB drive limit.  It hasn't reached that, it's far from it, it's only using 23GB.  However, attempting to use VMWare Converter to convert this VM, at the Options section it says it needs to resize the 500GB virtual disk because "The file system on 'datastore1' does not support file this large.  Please check the file system block size".


      Not sure what it means.  The ESX machine is using a 2TB drive that is hardly used.  It does, however, have ESX installed on this.  I know this is based on Linux, is this the reason why?

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