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    Broadcom BCM5709 with Jumbo Frames as iSCSI adapter

    AndriusKr Lurker



         I have searched and browsed a lot on this topic, but I do not understand one thing with Broadcom BCM5709 with Jumbo Frames as iSCSI adapter - is it not supported because it is hardware issue, e.g. Broadcom "forgot" to layout reguired "larger"circuts (or more embeded controler processing power) for iSCSI support with Jumbo Frames, or is it because of software part - the driver, the ESXi host/etc.?


         What I mean: is the support out of question, because hardware is not capable of that, and will not be capable in the future, (for example, even with the LOM hardware firmware update), or is it software support lacking, which may be solved in time, when ESXi/driver/iSCSI firmware on LOM evolves?


         I was stuck trying to enable hardware-dependend iSCSI (and still am, despite all walk-through's), when I found out this issue, which is a design consideration, which I did not took on server hardware purchase

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