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    Will enable EVC cause downtime?

    hchuin Novice



      I have a customer running vsphere 4.1 using 3 units of ESXi hosts running on Intel X7460 (Penryn) processor in a DRS enabled cluster.


      They are looking at adding 1 more host into the cluster.  The new host will be running on Intel X7540 (Nehalem) processor.


      Since the new processor features new instruction set such as SSE 4.2, I have to enable EVC on the existing cluster before the new ESXi host will be able to join the cluster and vMotion VM to the new host.  The plan is:


      1. enable EVC on the existing cluster using Intel Xeon 45nm Core 2 as baseline.

      2. join the new ESXi host into the cluster.


      my question is:


      - Will there be any downtime when I enable EVC on the existing cluster?  Since all existing host are using the same processor (X7460) so there shouldn't be any downtime as all VM are running on the same instruction set, correct?

      - is there any other setting I need to do to ensure VM can vMotion to the new host?




      Benjamin Ho