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    Arrays in powershell & restarting services

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      I'm currently trying to write a script to confiugre SNMP settings on multiple ESX hosts.  I'm able to wtire the code that configures the SNMP but I need help with 2 things.


      Firstly I'm trying to create an array to hold all the ESX host names.  I know that I could use "$hosts=get-vmhost | name" but a few of the hosts all ready have SNMP configured correctly.  Can you create an array and manually give it a list of host names?


      Secondly I will need to restart the snmp service after its configured.  I know how to do this in the ESX conolse but am not sure how to script it in powershell.


      Thanks in advance guys.       

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          There are several ways to populate an array.


          $array = @"








          $array = "host1",host2","host3"


          I'm afraid you can stop/start the SNMP service from PowerCLI.

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            Btw, you can't restart the SNMP service on ESXi host but you can enable/disable it with PowerCLI.

            Connect to the ESXi server (not the vCenter) and do


            Get-VMHostSnmp | Set-VMHostSnmp -Enabled:$true -AddTarget -TargetHost "myHost" -TargetCommunity "public"




            Get-VMHostSnmp | Set-VMHostSnmp -Enabled:$false


            In fact why do you need to stop/start the SNMP service ?

            You can change target hosts, communities ... on the fly.


            Update: just did a bit of recerse-engineering on the vicfg-snmp.pl file.

            And in fact what is called Stop and Start in that script is the -Enable:$true and -Enable:$false on the Set-VMHostSnmp cmdlet.

            So, you can do exactly the same thing with PowerCLI.