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    Duplicate IP address for different NIC adapter after conversion

    cngoh Novice

      Hi all,


      I am running ESXi 4.1 server. Recently I converted 1 win 2003 x64 server into VM. When I tried to change the IP address (same IP address for physical machine before conversion), I encountered the error message of duplicate IP on another NIC adapter. Please refer to error1 print screen. Actually I already refer to KB doc from VMware (Networking Error, IP Address Already Assigned to Another Adapter) but it doesn't work on my problem.


      So far, I can change the IP address but each time I open the network properties windows, this error message windows is prompt out.


      The Broadcom adpater is used for Trend Mirco Common Firewall drvier. Please refer to pic 1 & 2.


      Even I uninstall the Trend Mirco Common Firewall driver, I am still getting this error. Please refer to error1 print screen.


      Any impact to the system with this error?


      Please share your advise and recommendation.