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    Adding Active Directory Groups to ESX/i 4.1

    gopinathan Enthusiast

      I have seen many post about the Active Directory feature introduced in 4.1. One of the "requirement" is to create the Active Directory group "ESX Admins", and then join the host to AD Domain. All members of the group automatically become the admin for the host and can SSH in using AD credentials.


      Many organizations has their own naming conventions for the AD users and groups and the VMware specific naming may not fit. Also there may be requirement to give access to the hosts using more than one groups.


      I am unable to find any threads that discuss adding AD groups using some script, either during the ESX/i load or after the load, without manually connecting to the host using the vSphere client and update the permission tab. This will be very helpful for for enterprises that have a large number of ESX/i 4.1 hosts need to be deployed and the host permission need to be updated.


      Thanks in advance. Happy Holidays!