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    P2V conversion error at 97% and 98%: "Error: Cannot open the destination virtual machine for reconfiguration."

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      <sorry for my English :)>



      I've a trouble with conversion  WinServer2003SP2 power-on machine to virtual machine.



      I've tried different combinations of settings, but: "FAILED: Unable to reconfigure the destination virtual machine."



      Things I have tried:




      1) Installing the converter to my PC win WinXP SP3.



      2) Installing the converter to destination machine.



      3) Installing the converter  to other machines with Server 2003.



      4) Selecting 2-4 Gb RAM, 2-4 Processors



      5) Using a different drives as the target (local and fibre-channel connected drives)



      Other power-on machines convert successfully.



      I've attached the logs that I exported.