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    Cannot run a command with the Vsphere Management Assistant

    vince91170 Novice


      Hi all,



      I have a little problem.



      Soon i'll have to make a new iscsi infrastructure to access my SAN so I read  "VMware-iSCSI-SAN-Configuration-Guide"



      I saw that I have to use VSphere Cli, so I downloaded it



      After installing the VMA in my Virtual Center I configured it like that.



      "vifp addserver my esx server --username" in order to add one of my ESX then "vifptarget -s myesx server"to connect toit, it works.



      The only problem I have is that the command esxcli swiscsi nic list -d vmhba33 does not work.



      In fact it tells me to put a username and a password but I don't know which login and password to put



      I tried to put the root password it did'nt work so can you help me ?