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    "previous installation of host services encountered error"

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      I posted this in the beta forum and not no response. I'll try here.. Here's the beta forum link: http://communities.vmware.com/thread/278405



      Trying to uninstall a vShield component, in this example the Port Group Isolation portion. I get the following error:



      "previous installation of host services encountered error"






      ESXi V4.1



      VMkernel is on a dvSwitch














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          If the only thing selected when doing the install of the vShield components on the ESX host is 'Edge with Port Group Isolation' and there are no legacy vSwitches then you will have to create a bogus legacy vswitch.


          Try this, if the Edge with Port Group Isolation component shows as installed, click on the Uninstall link to uninstall it (this will put the host in maintenance mode and reboot it). Once the host is back up, create a legacy vswtich on that ESX host, no need to add physical NICs. Then go through the install again.



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            THIS ONLY APPLIES TO vShield Zones / vShield App



            One more thing, you mentioned posting this on the beta site which tells me you may have had a pre-GA version on Zones/App installed. If that was the case or maybe a previous install of App/Zones (beta version) had a failed install/uninstall, then do this procedure to clean up the host from any previous components.



            1. Remove the vmservice-vswitch that was created during the install (assuming there is no other device that uses this vswitch)









            2. Remove the 169.x.x.x address given to the Net.DVFilterBindIpAddress property for the host.









            Detailed Steps:



            1. Go through the uninstall process whenever

            possible (if any of the components show as installed). Then proceed to the

            next steps.



            2. Look for the vmservice-vswitch and delete

            it. This is a service vSwitch with no physical adapters that was created

            during the install. This will have 2 port groups, one called

            vmservice-vmknic-pg and the other vmservice-vsheild-pg.



            3. Select the ESX host on the left hand side

            tree, on the right hand pane select the Configuration tab and click on

            Advanced Settings under Software. In the Advaced Settings page look for

            the Net section and select it. Scroll all the

            way down and then make your way up until you find

            Net.DVFilterBindIpAddress = Remove the and

            click OK.



            4. Install of vShield APP or vShield Zones should now work.






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              Thanks for all your help on this recently Carlos. I truly appreciate it.



              Yes, it's possible that a pre-release was on that system. I thought I had properly un-installed it but maybe something stuck.