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    esx 2.5.3 sticky redo files unable to committ

    thealco Novice

      Hi Guys,


      I know I am using a very old and outdated version of ESX (2.5.3 build 22981 specifically) but we will be slowly moving towards ESXi 4.1 and vSphere technologies soon.In saying that I was unable to find any resources, and am hoping someone will be able to help me with this.


      Every few weeks\months or so our ESX server is unable to commit the created REDO logs and they can grow to be in excess of 5GB if not spotted early. For disaster recovery I have created a custom shell script that:

      1 - runs vmAddRedo.pl script to add a REDO file (vmAddRedo.pl -c /root/vmware/server_name/server_name.vmx)

      2 - FTP transfers the VMDK files to another DR server

      3 - runs vmCommit.pl to commit the REDO files (vmCommit.pl -c /root/vmware/server_name/server_name.vmx)


      Occasionally even though the script runs the files are not commited. There are no visible errors, however even if I run the vmCommit.pl script it reports that there are no REDO files present. The way I get around is to either:

      1 - Restart the guest OS and then I get a prompt via the MUI whether I want to commit the logs (sometimes this doesn't work)

      2 - Restart the whole ESX server  - I do have to force a reboot (reboot -f ) as even though shutdown event is called, some process appears to hang and server never restarts


      We are not running anything fancy, just a couple of servers with their own drives (no fancy SAN environment)


      Has anyone had this issue before and how have they resolved it? Ideally I'd like to resolve this issue as we still have our core components running in this environment (exchange 2003, DC etc).