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    Management Port in Host Profiles

    ViFXStu Novice

      I am trying to setup a host profile for some ESXi 4 U1 hosts with a standard vSwitch that contains both the management port group and vmotion port group. I have found that if a change is made to a host that causes the host to not comply with the profile, such as changing the order of the NICs assigned to this vSwitch, when the host profile is re-applied it deletes all the port groups and creates them again, but with the vmotion port group as vmk0 and the management port group as vmk1, this causes the IP address it shows on the console of the server to display the vmotion IP address and not the real management address.


      Is there a way of forcing the management port to be vmk0 within the host profile? Or does this not actually matter that it is on vmk1 and vmotion is on vmk0?