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    Performance issues with ESX 4.1 and XenApp

    khughes Virtuoso

      Yesterday I started my migration to ESX 4.1 and I've run into an issue with performance once I vMotion a XenApp server from an ESX 4.0 host to 4.1 host.  I did a fresh install of ESX 4.1, everything seemed to install cleanly.  Configuration looks good, I'm able to vMotion other VM's (granted not as resource intensive) like BES / Exchange without any performance issues.  Once I move a XenApp server onto the host, it almost locks up, goes slower than a snail, can barely log into it, although it stays up.  Once I vMotion it off the 4.1 host back to a 4.0 host it speeds back up to normal performance.


      Any thoughts?


      -- Kyle


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