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    dr-ip-reporter / customizer each time I add a new VM?

    thomps01 Hot Shot

      I've used the dr-ip-reporter.exe command to create an XLM file and then used the dr-ip-customizer to create a csv file.


      After updating the csv file with all my IP details and using the dr-ip-customizer create command to actually apply the new settings into the config, I want to know what happens when I add the next new VM into the protection group?


      Suppose I create a brand new VM and wish to protect this. Do I need to run the entire dr-ip-reporter and dr-ip-customizer process again?


      I know there's a recreate option to apply changes, but I'm guessing I need to run the reporter once and then the generate and create commands to apply the new shaddow-vm settings.


      Can someone confirm this please.