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    ESXi 4 virtual networking best practise

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      Need all of your valuable advise on the virtual networking configuration on NFS & VM.


      For NFS, 2 NICs in a vSwitch with IP hash configuration.


      For VM, 4 NICs in a vSwitch with IP hash configuration.


      Please refer to pic1 for more details



      1] Should I use virtual port ID or IP hash configuration? Which one is better? In term of redundancy and performance.

      2] For NFS, should I create additional NFS VMkernel? Current configuration is only 1 NFS VMkernel.

      3] For the failback option, should I set to yes or no? Please refer to pic2 for more details.

      For example, assume that two vmnics: vmnic0 and vmnic1.

      a) Failback set to Yes.

      After vmnic0 fails, traffic is sent to vmnic1.Whenvmnic0 becomes available, this traffic is reassigned to vmnic0.


      b) Failback set to No.

      After vmnic0 gets linkup again, the NIC is still kept inactive up until the currently active vmnic1 fails. I'm no really clear about this statement. Does it mean if vmnic0 is recover, the status is up but inactive. What does it mean inactive? This vmnic0 will not serve for any network traffic? How to make it active?


      Any other recommendation on my current configuration is welcome.