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    VM's with more than 1 VMDK

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      I'm currently running ESX 4 (Update1) with 4 servers in a HA cluster, attached to Netapp Shared Storage using the NFS protocol.


      At our DR site, we have the exact replica of kit, with all the datastores from production being mirror to our DR.


      In a DR scenario, I would break the mirror between the storage appliances to make the DR datastores live, and then browse to each datastore, and add each VM to the inventory.  The whole process works like a dream.


      I do however have several VM's which have more than one hard disk, with the additional drive not necessarily being in the same datastore.  When I add

      the VM to the inventory it can see the first disk, but does not map correctly to the additional disk.  In edit settings you can see that it is aware that there is another disk it should have but the Disk File path is incorrect.


      The only way I have been able to get around the problem is to remove the VMDK, and then browse the datastore it is in and re-add it.  This resolves the issue but surely this cannot be correct?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          I'm not much with SAN replication but if you're having to re-add virtual machines to the inventory, the vmx file is looking for that second/third/etc.. vmdk on a LUN that doesn't exhist anymore.  In my mind it would be like you're saying I live on 3rd street in San Francisco, but when you connect it in Chicago its pointing to 3rd street in Chicago, wrong address.  While your procedure doesn't seem all that smooth, I can see why there might be an issue.


          -- Kyle


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